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Shop By Brand Rel Subwoofers Rel T5 Subwoofer
Rel T5 Subwoofer

Rel T5 Subwoofer

Price: £450.00

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REL T5 Subwoofer

The REL T5 subwoofer delivers the exceptional low-bass performance, rugged build quality and unique design of larger REL models at a more affordable price. The form of the REL T5 sub is a simple minimalist cube elevated by four aluminum feet. It is deceptively small and compact blending in beautifully with its surroundings and is available in your choice of Gloss Black or White lacquer. Bass output is powerful and robust considering the REL T5 sub's compact dimensions. Just like its larger brothers, the REL T5 subwoofer can be used to wonderful benefit to underpin both two-channel and multi-channel film sound systems. A true Class AB power amplifier topology with 125 Watt output is capable of reproducing the dynamics and extension with conviction and authority.

The REL T5 subwoofer is a true Sub-Bass System, meaning it can reproduce very low frequencies (below 30 Hz) that are felt rather than heard. This is because music is full-range, as are sound effects on movies, and that we design our products to reproduce all of these frequencies. The REL T5 sub is equipped to take full advantage of AC3, Dolby Digital, DTS, MPEG 2 and any other digital sound formats that include a dedicated Low Frequency Effects (LFE) channel. The dedicated LFE input meets the tough specification laid down for digital 3/2.1 channels, usually known as 5.1. The output is nominally flat from 35 Hz 90 Hz. It has a dedicated input level control, which enables users to set the LFE level independently of the processor. This is important because not all processors offer control over this significant parameter. The LFE channel is frequently outputting at 10 dB higher levels than the other channels.

The Rel T5 subwoofer also has high-level speaker level inputs with their own input level control. Uniquely, both the speaker level and the LFE input can be used simultaneously. This means you may set it up for an audiophile sound with your CD's or other stereo signals and instantly revert to using the Sub-Bass System as the dedicated LFE component when watching movies. This is a feature of real benefit if you wish to play music in stereo mode in the purist audiophile way and in full 5.1 digital mode. True flexibility! In addition to this sophisticated connectivity and functionality, the T5 includes proprietary REL-D circuitry that allows for the proper impedance and grounding when driven by a Class-D main amplifier.  

REL T5 Subwoofer Specification:

  • Type - Closed box, down firing woofer
  • Drive Unit - 8 in., 200mm long throw, steel chassis
  • Lower Frequency Response in Room - 23 Hz at -6 dB
  • Input Connectors - Hi Level Neutrik Speakon, Lo Level single phono, LFE phono 
  • Input Impedance: Hi Level: - 150k, Lo Level: 10k, .1/ LFE: 33k Ohms 
  • Gain Control Range - 80 dB
  • Power Output - 125 Watts (RMS)
  • Phase Switch - Yes, 0 or 180 degrees
  • Amplifier Type - Class A / B
  • Protection System - Fully Electronic with SET-SAFE: Yes
  • D.C. Fault - Yes
  • Output Short - Yes
  • Mains Input Voltage - 220-240 volts, 110-120 volts for certain markets
  • Fuses - 1.6 Amp semi delay 230 volts operation, 3.15 Amp semi delay 115 volts operation
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) - 10.5 x 12 x 11.75 inches (267 x 302 x 297 mm)
  • Net Weight - 26 lbs. (11.7 kg) 



Visitors to our Hull showroom can see the REL T5 Subwoofer

Contact us about free delivery and installation of the REL T5 Subwoofer

Fanthorpes offer a generous trade in for your used kit  against the REL T5 Subwoofer

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01482 223096

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