Blog: Fanthorpes HiFi - The Week Ahead 30th July - 4th August

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Fanthorpes HiFi - The Week Ahead 30th July - 4th August

Hey everyone, sorry we’ve missed out on a few weekly updates recently. We’ve had one member of staff get married and one have a baby which meant some of the boys have been out of the store and the blog posting had to take a little back seat until we got back to our full compliment. But now everyone is back, the weekly posts can continue!

The idea is to give you an insight into our working week here at Fanthorpes HiFi. With what demonstrations we are doing in store and in customers’ homes, services we offer, as well as give you an insight into the distances we travel over a working week.

If we’re in your area and want to listen to something, let us know and to see if we can pop round and see you.

Hope you enjoy the read…

Monday 30th July

We start the week with an instore demo. This customer is looking to purchase some new speakers for his Devialet 1000 Pro and has expressed some interest in the PMC IB2SE. This is a fantastic high end demo to start the week off, and we can’t wait to set it up. We will also be using the Innuos Zenith streamer as the source and Chord Signature cabling throughout.

Tuesday 31st July

This is an important day for anyone looking to purchase any PMC Speakers in the near future. Unfortunately, due to rising prices in costs of materials and manufacturing PMC are having to rise some of their prices from August 1 st, please feel free to get in touch to discuss how certain products are affected.

A home audition is booked in on Tuesday. We are North West over to Warrington to leave a pair of Bryston 28B3 power amplifiers with a customer. This customer is considering making a switch from his existing Mark Levinson mono power amplifiers.

Wednesday 1st August

We have a midweek demonstration on Wednesday. This customer is looking for a vinyl based system around for five to six thousand pounds, with that in mind we will have an initial system set up and waiting which will consists of Roksan Caspian M2 Amplifier, ProJect 2 Xperience SB DC Turntable and Dali Rubicon 5 Speakers. We will also have a few other options waiting in the wings to try out.

Thursday 2nd August

Another instore demonstration is on the cards for Thursday, this time is a comparison of two phono stages. This customer has asked to listen to the AVID Pellere against the Musical Fidelity NuVista Vinyl, we will have these two phono stages set up on a system that consists of PMC Twenty 5 26 speakers, Luxman L-507uX II Amplifier and an SME Model 15 Turntable with SME 309 Tonearm and Ortofon Cadenza Black cartridge.

Friday 3rd August

A trip over to Leeds is booked in for Friday. This customer approached us looking for a new pair of speakers for his existing Cyrus Signature system, after discussing a few options he opted for the Spendor D7 Speakers. So we are heading over to West Yorkshire to install his new speakers for him.

Saturday 4th August

To finish the week, we have a super busy day! Two installations and an instore demo are on the cards. Our first installation is of an AVID DIVA II SP, Project tonearm and AVID cover down in Wimbledon. Once the new AVID turntable is all set up we will be taking a Michell Techno turntable as part exchange. The second job of the day sees us head to Horley in Surry to install a pair of PMC Twenty5 23 Speakers, as well as collect a pair of Rogers LS4A speakers, Marantz CD65 MK2 and Marantz PM45 in part exchange.

Back in Hull, the in store demonstration is for two pairs of speakers. We are pitting the Spendor D7 against the PMC Twenty 26 speakers, the customer is already a Cyrus owner so we will have all of this waiting alongside a Cyrus CD Transport, Pre2 DAC and X Power.

Hope you enjoyed the read. Fanthorpes HiFi.

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