Blog: Fanthorpes HiFi - The Week Ahead 10th June - 15th June 2019

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Fanthorpes HiFi - The Week Ahead 10th June - 15th June 2019

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Hey everyone, it’s been a while since our last update! Don’t worry, we’ve been as busy as ever travelling up and down the county installing HiFi. We have another busy week to look forward to, with plenty of demonstrations booked in, as well as a trip down to the south coast!

Also, we are heading across to the North West Audio Show at the end of June, we’ll be posting details about what we’ll be taking shortly, so keep your eyes peeled….

The idea is to give you an insight into our working week here at Fanthorpes HiFi. With what demonstrations we are doing in store and in customers’ homes, services we offer, as well as give you an insight into the distances we travel over a working week.

As always, if we’re in your area and want to listen to something, let us know and to see if we can pop round and see you.

Hope you enjoy the read…

Monday 10th June

We have an instore demo to kick the week off. This customer owns a fully Cyrus system, and is considering switching from his existing Stream XP to the Innuos Zen MK3 as a streaming solution. We will have a cyrus pre/power combo set up alongside a pair of PMC Twenty5 23 speakers to complete the system.

Tuesday 11th June

An in store demonstration is booked in for Tuesday. A similar demo to Monday, this customer also owns a fully Cyrus system and is considering changing from his CDXT Signature to the Innuos Zenith MK3. He would also like to hear the PMC Twenty5 23 next to the bigger Twenty5 24 speakers.

Wednesday 12th June

A busy day awaits us on Wednesday!

We have two vans out on the road on Tuesday. One van will be driving down to Pembrokeshire to drop off a pair of PMC Twenty5 26 in Amarone and collecting a pair of Twenty 26 in part exchange.

Our second van is heading just south of the river Humber as we take a visit to Immingham to install a tasty little system. This customer already owned a Rega turntable and was looking to build a system around this. After an in-store demo, he decided on the Cyrus One HD amplifier, Innuos Zen Mini MK3 and Neat SX1 Speakers.

After our install in Immingham we are heading to North Thorsby to set up a pair of Martin Logan ESL 13A electrostatics for a home audition.

Back in the shop we are expecting a visit from our Anthem AV rep. We’ll make sure the we have a mug of the finest Yorkshire tea ready! It’s always great to see members of the industry pop in, it allows us to turn our focus to a particular brand serving as a nice refresher course and to possibly learn about any new products on the horizon.

Thursday 13th June

Our day revolves around Klipsch Speakers on Thursday. These horn loaded speakers are becoming an increasing popular brand in our shop. First up we are heading down to Fareham to set up a pair of Klipsch Cornwall III for a customer.

Once the Cornwalls are installed we a heading across the south coast to Worthing to install a pair of Klipsch Forte III, and collecting a pair of KEF R500 in part exchange.

Friday 14th June

An instore demonstration is booked in Friday. This customer is looking for a new amplifier and CD Player and has expressed an interest in the Musical Fidelity M6 range. We’ll have the M6Si amplifier set up alongside the matching M6SCD, plus the Roksan Blak amplifier and Blak CD Player for comparison.

He is also considering upgrading from his existing B&W floorstanders, so we will set up a few speaker options such as the Dali Rubicon 5 and Klipsch Forte III.

Saturday 15th June

We end the week with two demos booked in. First off we have a demonstration of the new AVID Ingenium PNP. This will be set up alongside a Cyrus Pre2 DAC and X power, Graham Slee Gram Amp 2 and Spendor D7 speakers.

Our afternoon demonstration is of some standmount speakers. This customer already owns a pair of PMC GB1, and is looking to downsize. We’ll have the a few options set up in our demo room such as the PMC Twenty5 21 and KEF R3.

Hope you enjoyed the read. Fanthorpes HiFi.

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