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Arcam Muso Speaker

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Arcam Muso Speakers

Arcam Muso Speakers are based upon a medium power mid/woofer and companion tweeter. The result is a discrete speaker that reproduces bass information down to 70Hz and still have good dynamics and accurate mid range reproduction.

Arcam Muso speakers are designed with the Arcam Solo system firmly in mind. The Arcam Muso Speakers and Arcam Logo subwoofer complement the Solo beautifully with discreet looks and stunning performance.

Construction on the Arcam Muso speakers uses the very latest techniques including combined aluminium / steel enclosures and the very latest driver technology.

Arcam Muso Speaker highlights:

  • Stunning sound quality from music and movies
  • Muso - compact and stylish high performance mini monitor
  • Perfect match for Solo Music or Movie systems

Price quoted is for an individual Arcam Muso Speaker