Martin Logan

Martin Logan was formed in Kansas USA in the 1970's by Gayle Martin Sanders and Ron Logan Sutherland. Both driven by their passion for music they were determined to design an electrostatic speaker that would work in a domestic environment.

Martin Logan are now firmly established as the world leaders in Hybrid Electrostatic design. The Martin Logan hybrid design pairs an Electrostatic panel with a conventional cone speaker for bass, this results in a stylish, elegant electrostatic speaker that combines beautiful clarity with powerful bass.

Martin Logan speakers are a unique speaker design like nothing else currently stocked at Fanthorpes HiFi. We have truly embraced the Martin Logan philosophy and have stocked the range very broadly. We have 5 pairs of the Logan electrostatics on permanent demonstration. We have the Electromotion,and the Electromotion X. As a step up we have the Classic 9 panels. Further up the range, the Martin Logan Electrostatics adopt Anthem room correction. We can demonstrate the effects of this technology to you on the Impression 11A speakers. The highest levels of performance can be achieved with an in store demonstration of the mighty Martin Logan Renaissance 15A speakers. Of course if you would like a home demonstration of anything in the Martin Logan range please contact us and we will be happy to oblige.