Ferrum Audio

Situated in the vibrant heart of Warsaw, Poland, Ferrum  Audio is the Hifi subsidiary of HEM, or Hamerla Electronics Manufacture. With HEM's rich legacy spanning over two decades in audio technology, they've been involved in notable electronics projects for the Polish government. This 20-year journey has seen Ferrum, under the HEM umbrella, gain renown for its meticulous design and production standards. Both brands share an unyielding passion, particularly evident in their advancements in high-resolution audio and digital technologies.

Ferrum, throughout these two decades, has notably excelled with its Digital to Analogue converters. Their extensive product range also boasts of cutting-edge streaming technology and robust power supplies. These offerings mirror HEM's profound expertise in high-definition music streaming and their mastery over MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) files. Every piece from Ferrum is a testament to HEM's technological prowess and their unwavering commitment to delivering unparalleled audio experiences for aficionados and professionals around the world.


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