PMC Speakers

Looking for high-quality British-made speakers? Look no further than PMC Speakers, based in Luton. Founded by ex-BBC engineer Pete Thomas in 1990, PMC specializes in transmission line speakers, known for their exceptional neutrality and natural sound. Thanks to their professional studio monitoring background, PMC speakers offer deep, controlled bass even at low volume levels. At Fanthorpes, we're proud to offer a wide range of PMC speakers, including the entire twenty5 series, the impressive MB2se, and the outstanding Fact 12 signatures - all backed by a twenty-year warranty.

And now on demo, the newest members of the PMC lineup: the superb PMC Prodigy 1 standmount speakers and the immersive Prodigy 5 floorstanding speakers. Experience the studio sound in the comfort of your own home.

Visit us today to experience the PMC difference for yourself! 

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