Power Cables

High quality mains cables are designed to isolate your equipment from RFI (radio frequency interference) and are usually made using much higher quality materials. The question of whether a mains cable has a positive effect on sound and picture quality used to be a hotly contested topic, but it's now widely accepted that a good quality mains cable is a worthwhile investment to reduce interferences. For the best improvements, we recommend also using a high quality mains block.

Using a high quality power cable is the last link in the chain to connect your hi-fi system, and a shielded cable will protect the power supply from EMF noise and RFI (radio frequency interference).

Good quality mains cables and interconnects are some of the most effective and best value upgrades you can make for your listening pleasure.

Fanthorpes HiFi stock a wide range of mains cables from the Chord Company, Isotek and Atlas. We're sure we can find an interconnect to suit your needs.