Monitor Audio Speakers

Monitor Audio speakers are a premier British brand who have been manufacturing loudspeakers in Britain since 1972. Based in Essex, Monitor Audio produce quality HiFi speakers for both the two channel and surround sound market. As a recent addition to their portfolio, they have acquired Roksan electronics, another quality British brand.

Monitor Audio are most renowned for their Platinum range of premium speakers. This range encompasses three floor standing loudspeakers including the awesome and monolithic PL-500 Mk11 speakers. The Platinum range is complemented by a subwoofer, two centre speakers, two bookshelf speakers and a pair of dipoles and so can be utilised in even the most demanding of home theatre set ups.

The first thing you will probably notice when auditioning premium Monitor Audio is the outstanding build quality, with the finish on the cabinets being some of the best to come out of the UK. It hints at the refinement that will become evident while listening to the exciting, yet detailed presentation with immense scale and power.

The premium technology trickles down in to the Gold series, which like its more expensive stablemate, still has a build quality that shouts premium product. The relatively high sensitivity of the range makes it a common partner for tube amplification.

Also available are the Silver and Bronze ranges, that pound for pound at their price points offer outstanding quality and a more affordable price. At Fanthorpes we have the entire Platinum and Gold range available for audition as well as a selection from the Bronze and Silver ranges. You are invited to visit and demonstrate this premium range of British speakers.