Cartridges & Styli

We have a large selection of Ortofon cartridges and styli available for all budgets. The Ortofon range is made up of moving coil and moving magnet cartridges. Ortofon produce 3 main ranges of cartridge. The entry level moving magnet range is the Ortofon 2M series. The entry level moving coil range is the Ortofon Quintet series. This is followed by the step up moving coil range, the Ortofon Cadenza series. Within each individual series there are four main styles of cartridge and these have been handily colour coded.

RED - always the series entry point, they represent solid value for money with a good harmonic sound

BLUE - offering a more precise and accurate sound delivering a higher bandwidth than the red

BRONZE - a smoother more romantic presentation - more musicality than the red and blue

BLACK - sitting at the top of each series, more accurate and detailed than other cartridges in the series