Mission has built a world-class reputation for advanced audio design since the company’s formation in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire in 1977, with an engineering-led approach to product development that has resulted in some of the most popular and iconic loudspeakers ever devised.

Three things have always characterised Mission speakers. First, the cabinets and drive units use innovative materials and sport a distinctive, modern appearance. Second, the sound they produce is fast, detailed and engaging. Third, they deliver excellent sonic and material value for money.

Today, Mission continues to stretch the boundaries of what can be achieved at specific price points, pioneering technologies to create fresh, new designs. The brand now benefits from the unrivalled manufacturing facilities and global reach of parent company IAG, with all the component parts of every speaker made in-house. Yet the company’s roots remain firmly entrenched in Huntingdon, where much of Mission’s design, servicing and technical support work is still carried out. This, coupled with a design team brimming with homegrown talent, ensures Mission speakers remain as impressive today as they were when the company first established itself at the forefront of the burgeoning British audio scene some 45 years ago.

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