Chord Electronics

Chord Electronics has been setting the benchmark for British high-end HiFi components since 1989. John Franks has been manufacturing products defined by precision engineering and meticulous attention to detail for the ultimate audio experience. Their top-tier clientele extends from Skywalker Sound in California and Abbey Road Studios in London to Sony Music Studios in New York and the renowned Royal Opera House in London, all places where superior sound quality and reliability are non-negotiable. Chord has successfully married cutting-edge technology with innovative aesthetics in its product designs, earning the affection and admiration of professionals and audiophiles around the globe. Their product portfolio keeps capturing imaginations and winning plaudits in the audio industry. However, what truly differentiates Chord from its competitors is their unique Digital to Analogue Converter (DAC) Technology. Chord Electronics collaborates with Rob Watts, a prodigious digital designer boasting three decades of DAC technology development experience. This synergistic partnership has yielded a range of digital products that stand unrivaled in terms of advanced technology and unparalleled quality.

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