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AVID Pulsus Phono Stage

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AVID Pulsus Phono Stage
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AVID Pulsus Phono Stage

The AVID Pulsus Phono Stage is on permanent demonstration in our Hull store.

The AVID Pulsus Phono Stage retains alot of the features in the Pulsare, such as switching Gain Resistance and Capacitance offering you a great deal of flexibility. Distortion is kept at bay due to the AVID Pulsus Phono Stages high specification components. The AVID Pulsus Phono Stage also boasts impressive headroom, a trait that runs in the Avid family.

The Avid Pulsus offers impressive headroom, great dynamics, fantastic amounts of detail, and a warmth of character common to all of AVID’s products. The AVID Pulsus phono stage partners well with most MM or MC cartridges and its sonic signature is pure and musical.

Designed and built in the UK the Pulsus is housed with high-specification internal components and to an exceptional level of high quality. Inputs and outputs are both gold-plated RCAs. Gain, resistance and capacitance selections are all easily made from the underside of the chassis, offering exceptional flexibility and ease of use.

Still not convinced? Here are some fantastic reviews on the AVID Pulsus Phono Stage

Part Exchange Available

As you would expect from Fanthorpes hifi, we offer a generous part exchange against the AVID Pulsus Phono Stage. If you have any hifi that you wish to use as part payment against the AVID Pulsus Phono Stage then either call us on 01482 223096 or email us at  and we will give you a price to change. This is a fantastic and hassle free way of making the AVID Pulsus Phono Stage more affordable.

Finance Available - No Deposit Required

Fanthorpes hifi can also offer buy now pay later on the AVID Pulsus Phono Stage, allowing you to spread or defer your payments over a year. If you are interested in taking advantage of our payment terms on the AVID Pulsus Phono Stage email or call us on 01482 223096 and we will email an application form to you

AVID Pulsus Phono Stage Specification:

  • Noise: < -81dB MM    <-67dB MC
  • Distortion: < 0.001%
  • RIAA: 5Hz - 70kHz +/-0.5dB
  • Gain: 48dB - 60dB - 70dB
  • Resistance loading: 100R - 300R - 500R - 1k - 5k - 10k - 47k
  • Capacitance loading: 100pf - 200pf - 500pf
  • Power supply: Regulated with 35va transformer
  • Voltage input: 100-240vac 50/60Hz 10 watts max. (depending on region)
  • Dimensions: 120 x 220 x 70mm (WxDxH)
  • Net weight: Control unit   - 1.0Kg (2.2lb)    PSU   - 1.7Kg (4lb)
  • Packaging: 340 x 330 x 130mm (WxDxH)
  • Shipping weight: 4.0Kg (9lb)
  • Five Year Warranty - Upon Product Registration