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Chord Epic Speaker Cable

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Chord Epic Speaker Cable
Generous Trade in Available - CALL NOW: 01482 223 096

Chord Epic Speaker Cable

The Chord Epic Speaker Cable is available for demonstration in our Hull store.

Chord Epic speaker cable is the result of a happy marriage between two of Chord's award winning speaker cables. Chord Epic Speaker Cable uses the same conductors as Chord Odyssey, and the shielding, visible through its translucent jacket is taken from our Signature speaker cable. The shielding brings big improvements right across the frequency range. There is space around individual instruments and the timbre of instruments is easy to hear. Violins, cellos and violas sound more realistic, likewise pianos, bass notes have great definition and rhythms are easy to follow and get involved with.

Part Exchange Available

As you would expect from Fanthorpes hifi, we offer a generous part exchange against the Chord Epic Speaker Cable. If you have any hifi that you wish to use as part payment against the Chord Epic Speaker Cable then either call us on 01482 223096 or email us at  and we will give you a price to change. This is a fantastic and hassle free way of making the Chord Epic Speaker Cable more affordable.

Chord Epic Speaker Cable Specification:

  • Conductors:  2 x 12 AWG 19 strand silver-plated oxygen free copper.
  • Configuration:  Twisted pair configuration.
  • Conductor insulation:  PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene).   We believe that to obtain the most neutral tonal characteristic from silver-plated conductors it is vital to use PTFE insulation.  White with red stripe is positive, white is negative.
  • Internal conductor surround:  PVC.
  • Shielding:  Dual layer, high density braid and overlapped foil.
  • External jacket:  PVC.
  • Diameter:  11mm.
  • Colour:  Translucent brown.