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Podium XL (V) 1400x400 Hi-Fi Stand

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Podium XL (V) 1400x400 Hi-Fi Stand
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Podium XL (V) 1400x400 Hi-Fi Stand

As with all Hi-Fi Racks products the design plays an important part as each item has to offer optimum audio performance as well as being a elegant piece of furniture. This Hi-Fi Racks Ltd Podium XL (V) 1400x400 hi-fi stand is supplied in four shelf format, additional shelves are available for £349 each. Comes in solid oak, also available in cherry, walnut, maple or mahogany at an extra cost (please call for pricing information).

Each tier of the Hi-Fi Racks Ltd Podium XL (V) 1400x400 hi-fi stand is designed to be placed on to the next tier seamlessly, by offering the legs in a range of standard heights (any leg length available) your stand can be made to fit around your system and can grow as your system grows. Each plinth from the Podium Hi Fi storage system from Hi-Fi Racks Ltd is made from 40mm dense solid oak making the plinth very stiff and stable. Each plinth is supported by 46mm solid oak removable legs enabling future expansion. Each leg comes with a 10mm thick high tensile steel connection rod, and isolating spiked feet (available in Black or Stainless Steel) enabling each tier to be isolated from the following tier.

A range of standard sized plinths and legs are available to order from the link below although as with all our products every stand is handmade to order so there are no limits to the height width or depth of each stand. All you need to do is specify your requirements and we will do the rest.

Podium XL (V) 1400x400 Hi Fi Stand Specification:

  • Hand made
  • 5 legs for added support
  • Solid Oak construction
  • Solid 40mm Oak tops
  • Removable solid 46mm square hardwood legs for future expansion
  • Any leg length available at no extra cost
  • 10mm high tensile securing bolts
  • Height adjustment Isolation spikes with locating disc (Black or Stainless steel) on each Tier
  • Clear satin lacquer finish