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PMC FB1i Speakers Ex Demo

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PMC FB1i Speakers Ex Demo

The PMC FB1i Speakers were the first wholly domestic model from the PMC stable. From its humble drawing-board beginnings to the present day it has become an audio legend, winning awards on all continents from the leading audiophile critics. The PMC FB1i Speakers has even received critical acclaim from respected professional magazines for its ability as a true reference-recording monitor.

The PMC FB1i Speakers  feature upgrades of the new SONOLEX tweeter, PMC designed bass driver, improved cabinet integrity and optimised crossover network has once again raised the bar in what can be achieved in a 2-Way floorstanding speaker. These significant technical improvements give greater speed, transparency and a wider window onto the performance whether it is music or movie surround.

The PMC FB1i Speakers, with their 6 1/2 bass unit and extended ATL provides a deeper and richer feel than the smaller models and therefore excels in a medium to large listening room. The PMC FB1i Speakers have an optional magnetic shield  available - useful for speakers placed near transformers and electronic devices (cannot be retro-fitted).

The PMC FB1i Ex Demo Speakers are available in an Oak finish only.

PMC FB1i Speakers Ex Demo Specification:

  • PMC Extended ATL (Advanced Transmission Line) with three sections
  • Phenomenal bass response down to 28Hz
  • Dedicated magnetically screened centre channel - TB2M-Ci
  • PMC/SEAS®, 27mm SONOLEX soft dome tweeter, ferro fluid cooled
  • PMC designed 6½"/170mm Doped LF driver with cast magnesium
  • Suitable for bi-wiring or bi-amping
  • Available in Oak
  • 20 Year PMC Platinum Warranty


Visitors to our Hull showroom can see and hear the PMC FB1i Speakers Ex Demo

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