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PMC OB1i Speakers

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PMC OB1i Speakers

Now in stock. We have secured a quantity of brand new PMC OB1i speakers that are available at a very competative price. RRP £4650 our price is £3499, saving you £1150. OB1i stocks are limited, so please contact us if you are interested on 01482 223096 or email 
The PMC OB1i Speakers are the first floorstanding speakers to employ three precision drivers and a sophisticated hand built 24dB per octave crossover. These factors create a major step up in performance with improved resolution in all areas.

The most noticeable feature of the PMC OB1i speakers are the complement of three precision drive units. Between the new PMC/SEAS® developed SONOLEX™ tweeter and PMC’s unique bass unit sits the dedicated 75mm soft dome mid-range, housed in its own acoustically isolated enclosure. This professionally proven drive unit produces a wholly transparent mid range creating clarity of vocal that is truly tangible. The increase in bass definition derives from the stiffer piston-like woofer and upgraded ATL™. The bass attack is immediate and packs a dynamic punch.

Feeding the three precision drive units of the quality found in the PMC OB1i  speakers requires a very sophisticated crossover. Therefore, it features a hugely engineered network with ultra steep roll-off curves (24dB/octave) which guarantees high power handling and a supreme natural in-room response.

To guarantee the optimum function of all the featured components the PMC OB1i cabinet has been engineered from 18mm and 25mm ultra high density Medite™. This not only creates a highly stable enclosure, but also eliminates cabinet flex and colouration.

As with all theirdesigns the PMC OB1i speakers are efficient and can be driven with modestly powered amplification but will excel with more exotic source equipment and is equally at home in medium, and larger open plan rooms.

PMC OB1i Speakers Specification:

  • PMC Extended ATL (Advanced Transmission Line) with three sections 
  • Phenomenal bass response down to 28Hz
  • PMC/SEAS®, 27mm SONOLEX soft dome tweeter, ferro fluid cooled
  • 6½"/170mm stiffened & doped LF driver with cast magnesium chassis
  • 7 5mm Soft Dome mid range in an acoustically inert & isolated enclosure
  • 25 Element, 24dB/Oct Linkwitz Riley crossover
  • Suitable for tri-wiring or tri-amping
  • Available in Oak, Black Ash, Walnut
  • 5 Year Manufacturers Warranty 


Fanthorpes offer a generous trade in for your used kit  against the PMC OB1i Speakers

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