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Cyrus DAC XP+ Pre-Amplifier

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Cyrus DAC XP+ Pre-Amplifier
Generous Trade in Available - CALL NOW: 01482 223 096

Cyrus DAC XP+ Pre-Amplifier

The Cyrus DAC XP+ Pre-Amplifier is available for demonstration in our Hull store

Based on the DACX the Cyrus DACXP model is a preamp equipped version of the DACX adding two analogue inputs to the six digital inputs. Our most accomplished preamp is a dual mono, fully balanced, design providing outstanding audio quality. Used in conjunction with the DAC’s digital inputs the Cyrus DACXP Pre-Ampifier is the ultimate system control component.

The new preamp design operates in twin mono fully balanced mode and uses twin high-performance analogue volume controls and is the most accomplished Cyrus preamp design so far. The matching twin mono topologies of DAC and preamp provide outstanding performance when linked to the balanced input of the MonoX poweramp. Cyrus designed solid core balanced interconnects are available to complete the balanced installation. RCA single ended outputs are also provided to ensure compatibility with Cyrus’ more affordable power amp options.

In marked contrast to rival ordinary audio components, this unit offers remarkable ease of use. A clear green display screen shows user selected input names, from a built-in library, and shown on a clear green display. The integrated system command bus allows slave/automated control of a wide number of matching Cyrus components ranging from power amps to Tuners. It would be understandable for this compact and apparently simple component to be under estimated, however this is a world-class DAC and preamp, developed using the very latest audio technology.

Part Exchange Available

As you would expect from Fanthorpes hifi, we offer a generous part exchange against the Cyrus DAC XP+ Pre-Amplifier. If you have any hifi that you wish to use as part payment against the Cyrus DAC XP+ Pre-Amplifier then either call us on 01482 223096 or email us at  and we will give you a price to change. This is a fantastic and hassle free way of making the Cyrus DAC XP+ Pre-Amplifier more affordable.

Finance Available

Fanthorpes hifi can also offer buy now pay later on the Cyrus DAC XP+ Pre-Amplifier, allowing you to spread or defer your payments over a year. If you are interested in taking advantage of our payment terms on the Cyrus DAC XP+ Pre-Amplifier email or call us on 01482 223096 and we will email an application form to you

Cyrus DAC XP+ Pre-Amplifier Specification:

  • Digital Input - 500mV pk-pk 75 Ω
  • Digital Output - 500mV pk-pk 75 Ω
  • Sample rate tolerance - +/-1 00ppm of 32/44.1 /48kHz and multiples to 192k
  • Sample rate tolerance - (wide) Any sample rate in range 32k – 192k*
  • Analogue Inputs - 530mV 30k Ω (for 1 V at pre-out)
  • Fixed DAC Output - 2.3V 47 Ω
  • Preamp Output - 4.4V 300 Ω
  • Balanced Preamp output - 8.8V 300 Ω
  • THD+N - 0.002% (ref 0dBFS)
  • Dimensions - (H x W x D) 73 x 2 1 5 x 360 (mm)
  • Finish – Quartz Silver or Brushed Black
  • Weight - 6.5kg