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Linn LK240 Single Channel Power Amplifier

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Linn LK240 Single Channel Power Amplifier
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We have this Linn LK240 Single Channel Power Amplifier, it is preowned but in excellent condition with only one noticeable mark as can be seen in the pictures attached. The Linn LK240 Single Channel Power Amplifier comes with UK mains lead, it does not have its original box\packaging but can be reboxed for safe delivery as required. 
Unit Serial Number: 003410
Linn LK240 Single Channel Power Amplifier
The LK240 Single Speaker Power Amplifier is designed to meet the demands of the most discriminating hi-fi purist. It aims to deliver more quality watts per pound than any other power amplifier component. With a versatile and original design using the latest surface mount electronics, the LK240 combines excellent sound quality with 240 Watts of fully protected output  power. This large power capability, combined with ultra-precise signal path design and routing, means that the LK240 can deliver all its performance with absolute clarity up to the highest volume levels.
The LK240 has the same gain as other Linn power amplifiers but the flexibility of its single channel, together with its four pairs of outputs, enables existing Linn customers to build an individually tailored multi-amplifier system to enhance or expand performance that will suit the wiring and placement requirements of their particular system. The fully regulated power supplies are fed by a massive torroidal transformer that enables the source signal to be amplified free of interference and degradation by a multiple array of the most effective, high quality audio output devices. It can also accommodate active modules and embodies remote switch-on circuitry, making it suitable for a wide range of passive and active multi-amplifier applications where sound quality and substantial resources of clean power must be combined.
The signal path is DC coupled and servo-controlled for the lowest distortion and cleanest, uncoloured sound. With a fully protected output stage it automatically prevents overload and overheating. Its modular design complements other Linn Hi-Fi components and through case ventilation allows the LK240 to  be  optimally  located  and stacked without compromising performance in multi-amplifier applications. 
Linn LK240 Single Channel Power Amplifier Specification
  • Type: 240W Single Speaker Power Amplifier
  • Max Input Power: 400W
  • Standby power consumption: < 5W
  • Output power: 240W into 4 Ohms. 125W into 8 Ohms.
  • Input signal for maximum output: 1.15V rms
  • Max. output Voltage: 31V rms
  • Gain: x27 (28.6dB)
  • Input Impedance: 4,700 Ohms
  • Frequency response: (-3dB) 2Hz - 50 kHz
  • Output offset: <5mV
  • Signal sense threshold: >150uV rms
  • Fuse rating: 115V T6.3A, 230V T3.15A, 100V model T6.3A
  • Dimensions: Width  320mm x Depth 326mm x Height 80mm
  • Weight  8kg
  • Finishes: Sparkle Black
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