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Sugden A21SE Amplifier Yorkshire Stockist

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Sugden A21SE Amplifier

The Sugden A21SE amplifier is a single ended solid state pure class A design. The A21SE pre-amplifier has a cascode input stage, current feedback with the input and output being in phase.

The Sugden A21SE amplifier also includes a high input impedence, high voltage gain in the first stage with low distortion, wide bandwidth, low noise and very low output impedence. Left and right line stages have current shunt power supplies from a dedicated transformer winding.

The input signals on the Sugden A21SE amplifier are relay switched reducing signal paths to a minimum. The line stages (left and right) are supplied by their own current shunt power supplies driven by a separate transformer winding.

The Sugden A21SE amplifier has a new power supply combined with minimal input signal path, relay switched input facilities and the new line stages give us the opportunity to fully exploit the benefits of the Pure Class A power output stages.

Like all Sugden products, the Sugden A21SE amplifier is hand built by Sugden Audio in their factory in Heckmondwike in Yorkshire. This is as British as hifi gets, and we here at Fanthorpes are proud to support Patrick and his team.

Sugden A21SE Amplifier Specification:

  • Power Output 48W Pure Class A (4 Ohms)
  • Power Output 30W Pure Class A (8 Ohms)
  • Frequency response 13Hz - 110kHz
  • Bandwidth (wide) 9Hz - 155kHz
  • Signal to noise >90dB
  • Input Sensitivity 110mV
  • Input Impedance 50k
  • Sugden Audio 5 Year Warranty