Trade in Your Old Equipment on Most Products in Our Catalogue

Here at Fanthorpes HiFi, we love to offer our customers special trade-in deals on all the products we sell. You can trade in any make or model of hi-fi for brand-new products, allowing you to reduce the overall price of your new equipment. We have been offering a competitive part exchange for many years, helping our valued customers to trade in and trade up.

Contact us for a valuation of the equipment you would like to trade in against your new purchase.

To make the valuation process more accurate, send us the make and model number of the items you want to trade. If you still have the boxes, manuals, and remotes, also let us know as this helps the value creep up.

Let us know what product you are interested in buying, and we will let you know the "price to change". We will then start on the task of finding a new home for your cherished kit.

Whether you are trading in an audio system, speakers, an amplifier, or turntable, Fanthorpes HiFi has the perfect trade-in deal for you.

Email us at, or call our sales team on 01482 223096.