Exciting Trade-In Offer: Upgrade to Cyrus CDi-XR or Cyrus CDt-XR and Save Big!

Exciting Trade-In Offer: Upgrade to Cyrus CDi-XR or Cyrus CDt-XR and Save Big!

At Fanthorpes HiFi, we constantly strive to provide our valued customers with the latest and most advanced technology. That's why we are thrilled to announce a trade-in offer, available for existing CD Player owners. Upgrade to either the Cyrus CDi-XR and Cyrus CDt-XR by trading in ANY brand of CD player and enjoy substantial savings while experiencing enhanced features and improved performance.


Cyrus CDi-XR CD Player - Trade In Price £1695 - Save £700

The CDi XR is a cutting-edge integrated CD player designed to serve as a reference model, drawing on the success of the CDi while incorporating advanced technologies developed by Cyrus. Encased in the iconic half-width chassis, the CDi-XR joins the existing CDi and CDt models, boasting significant performance enhancements. One standout feature is the in-house developed 'Servo Evolution' mechanism, aimed at maximizing data retrieval efficiency from CDs, minimizing re-reads and errors. This technology reduces system noise and enhances the clarity of the analog output. Moreover, noise reduction strategies are implemented throughout the design, including upgraded components and counter-current circuits. The DAC, based on the second-generation QXR platform, is finely calibrated for optimal performance, benefiting from a known resolution and signal path. Additionally, the internal power supply system has been revamped for improved stability and reduced noise, ensuring a quieter operation overall.


Cyrus CDt-XR CD Transport - Trade In Price £1995 - Save £800

The Cyrus CDt-XR represents a pinnacle in CD transport design, integrating cutting-edge technologies developed in-house at Cyrus. Positioned above existing CDi and CDt models, this reference-grade player offers a significant performance upgrade, characterized by a notably reduced noise floor and heightened clarity. Key advancements include the proprietary 'Servo Evolution' mechanism, engineered to optimize data retrieval efficiency and minimize system noise. Furthermore, a complete overhaul of the internal power supply system enhances stability and reduces operational noise, while upgraded components and strategic circuit design mitigate noise pickup. A notable feature is the re-clocking of the digital signal before its exit from the case, ensuring the utmost purity in outbound digital signals. Despite the exceptional value offered by integrated CD players, the presence of a DAC circuit within the same case may slightly compromise absolute purity compared to dedicated transports. However, when paired with Cyrus's on-board Gen 2 QXR DACs, the CDt-XR stands as the discerning audiophile's choice within a complete Cyrus system.


How to Take Advantage of this Trade-In Offer:

Taking advantage of this trade-in offer is simple. If you currently any CD Player —just give us a call on 01482 223096 or email [email protected] to get the ball rolling.

Trade In Offer Ends 31st March 2024

For more information about the Cyrus CD Player trade in call us on 01482 223096 or email [email protected]

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