Graham Slee

Fanthorpes has recently taken on Graham Slee as our latest brand.


Graham Slee first started making audio electronics for his disco business in the mid-1970's. Popularity of his designs grew amongst local DJs and bands when he released them in kit form, but problems obtaining printed circuit boards saw him take a different direction - into PCB manufacturing! After a period of success in the 1980's supplying subsidiaries of Cable and Wireless, Siemens, Plessey and Yorkshire Radio Network with bespoke solutions, the business was acquired by Yorkshire Radio Network where Graham was given a position as senior engineer. He left there in 1993 to follow a freelance career and formed Graham Slee Projects in 1998.

Graham Slee Projects Limited is engaged in continuous product development to ensure its customers obtain the maximum in musical satisfaction. Upgrades are made available at reasonable prices for customers wanting the benefit of our latest discoveries.

In 2011 the brand name Graham Slee was registered as a UK and European trademark.

We are adding new Graham Slee products to our website daily, if you want more information on Graham Slee product, or to check the availability of a product that is not on our website please contact us for details on 01482 223 096 or Email [email protected].