Innuos Unveils Sense 3-Powered ZEN NG and ZENith NG Music Servers at High End Munich 2024

Innuos Unveils Sense 3-Powered ZEN NG and ZENith NG Music Servers at High End Munich 2024

Innuos has unveiled its Sense 3-powered ZEN NG and ZENith NG music servers and streamers at High End Munich 2024.

Joining the award-winning ZEN Series, Innuos introduces the ZEN NG and ZENith NG, both powered by the latest InnuOS, Sense 3.

Sense 3, based on a custom Real-time OS Kernel for ultra-low latency, incorporates AudioCore technology to ensure uninterrupted audio-related processes, resulting in audible sound improvements.

The updated software also includes TIDAL Connect, enhanced music library and playlist management tools, support for external USB optical drives with drive-head alignment for precise ripping, and user interface improvements.

According to Innuos, the new ZEN series models leverage the finest elements from the STATEMENT NG while introducing several innovations, marking a significant advancement in performance and versatility over the successful Mk3 generation.

The PreciseAudio mainboard has been extensively customized and tuned to minimize processor latency and operating power noise, powered by the new Innuos NGaN regulation module. This module maintains ultra-low noise levels while significantly reducing power supply impedance and internal heat.

Other features include the Expandable Storage Management System (XSM), supporting up to 16TB of internal storage, and upgradeable Digital Output Modules such as the PhoenixUSB Lite.

Both the ZEN NG and ZENith NG are housed in high-precision 10mm thick CNC-machined aluminum chassis, available in silver or black, bead-blasted, and anodized. The ZEN NG features an enhanced NGaN-regulated RECAP2 Power Supply, a processor with 4 physical and 4 virtual cores, 16GB of low-noise industrial-grade DDR4 RAM, and a 3D TLC SSD for Sense 3.

The ZENith NG further enhances audio and processing performance with an NGaN-regulated ARC6 power supply featuring active rectification, over 130,000uF of Mundorf capacitors, and an 8-physical-core processor for AudioCore. It also uses a pSLC SSD for Sense 3, ensuring ultra-low noise operation and extended durability.

The recommended retail price for the ZEN NG is £9,000, while the ZENith NG starts at £14,200. Both models will be available in Q3 2024, with Sense 3 being released as an update at the same time for all ZEN Mk3 Series, PULSE series, and STATEMENT models.

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