Blog: Martin Logan Dynamo Subwoofers - A Closer Look

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Martin Logan Dynamo Subwoofers - A Closer Look

As you know we love Martin Logan electrostatic loudspeakers here at Fanthorpes HiFi.

Until recently we have focussed our attention on the electrostatic ranges, and safe to say we all think they are amazing!

We have now started looking at the other ranges that they offer, we now stock the entire range of Motion loudspeakers starting from just £695 and we are glad we did!

Another product that we have been introduced to is a range of active subwoofers called Dynamo.

Martin Logan are no strangers to active subwoofers; they have been using this technology to compliment electrostatic panels for many years with great success.

The first thing that impressed us about the Dynamo range was its performance with music.

Many a Subwoofer can go loud and deep, but few can carry a tune like the Martin Logan Dynamo. Starting at just £595 these are real game changers.

We have been using the Dynamo 800x (£795) and Dynamo 1100x (£1195) both sealed cabinets with 10” and 12” inverted surround woofers, 600w and 1300w of power!

Now let’s get down to what’s really special about these subwoofers

Often you need to decide, do I want a downward firing or forward firing sub?….do I want the discrete placement of a downward firing unit behind the sofa or can I put it front and centre for instant attack in stereo and multi-channel?

Well with the Dynamos you have both options.

Yes, you can have both options with one sub! You can use these either downward or forward with a clever design that allows you to move the isolating feet to configure for either position, whichever suits your room and your system.

We tried the SWT-X wireless transmitter that is available with these models and wow that makes installation so much easier and neater, often customers are limited with placement due to cabling for subs, with this add on you just need a plug socket! Using the sub in a different location without having to worry about getting that signal cable from your amp to the sub, makes life so much easier.

Havin the option of connecting high level and LFE is also a bonus if you want to use the sub for home cinema and stereo, simultaneous connection of both 2-channel stereo music and multi-channel home cinema and allows each source to have individual crossover and level settings. LFE inputs use no low-pass filter, leaving crossover control to the processor. Left and right inputs integrate discrete user-adjustable low-pass filters allowing different level and crossover points when playing back two channel music.

Onto what we feel is the absolute icing on a really tasty cake!

The dynamo 600/800/1100 and 1600x all feature ARC (Anthem room correction) we have used this system a lot on AV amplifiers and we love its flexibility and ability to give an accurate in room performance that is beyond what you can get from just placement alone.

Anthem Room Correction measures low-frequency sound output in a room and compares it to optimal response curves that account for spatial anomalies. The advanced algorithms of Anthem Room Correction effectively remove anomalies, leaving only the ideal standard— realistically blended, natural-sounding bass. Dynamo 600X, 800X, 1100X, and 1600X utilize a Bluetooth connection with a smartphone or USB connection with a PC to run Anthem Room Correction.

You can control and setup you Martin Logan sub from your seating position without having to jump up and adjust then go back and listen, it’s so easy to use we love the interface on a smartphone, its well laid out, simple to read and use and just works so well, once you’ve used one it’s hard to imagine going back to anything else.

We’ve listened to a lot of music through these and can honestly say that they have made everything sound better, with the features and flexibility on offer well be recommending them to all of our customers, both stereo and surround.

We will have a selection of Dynamo subwoofers on demo soon, give us a call and have a listen to what we feel is one of the biggest upgrades you can make to your stereo and AV system.

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