Dali Rubikore Speaker Range - Bringing Flagship Tech to Five New Models

Dali Rubikore Speaker Range - Bringing Flagship Tech to Five New Models

Dali's £70,000 Kore loudspeakers, launched in 2022, have set a high standard and paved the way for innovation. Following the Kore, the 2023 release of the Epikore 11 floorstanders showcased trickle-down technology. Now, Dali introduces the Rubikore range, a new lineup featuring advanced tech inspired by their flagship models.

The Rubikore series includes five models: two floorstanding speakers (Rubikore 6 and Rubikore 8), a bookshelf speaker (Rubikore 2), an on-wall model (Rubikore On-Wall), and an LCR speaker (Rubikore Cinema) designed for surround sound setups. Notably, the On-Wall and LCR models feature a rotatable hybrid tweeter module for flexible positioning.

A key innovation across the Rubikore range is the new 6.5-inch double magnet mid/bass driver, incorporating Dali's 'Clarity Cone' made from paper and wood fiber to enhance midrange clarity. The Rubikore 8 features three of these drivers per speaker, while the Rubikore 6 uses two.

Additionally, Dali's SMC (Soft Magnetic Compound) technology is utilized in the Rubikore speakers to reduce distortion, flux modulation, and eddy currents in the magnet system.

Another major update is the introduction of the "Low-Loss Dome Tweeter," derived from Kore's Evo-K Hybrid Tweeter. This new tweeter is present across all models. All models, except for the Rubikore 2, feature a hybrid tweeter combining the soft dome unit with a planar magnetic tweeter. The bookshelf model, Rubikore 2, includes just the single dome tweeter.

The Rubikore 8 and 6 models also feature SMC Kore inductors in their crossovers to minimize signal loss. Additionally, the Rubikore 2, 6, and 8 models are equipped with Continuous Flare Reflex Ports to enhance efficiency and reduce air turbulence and noise.

The Dali Rubikore range will be available in June 2024, with finishes in High Gloss Black, High Gloss Maroon, Natural Walnut, and High Gloss White.

The pricing for the Rubikore range is as follows:

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