Introducing the AVID Acutus Dark Iron

Introducing the AVID Acutus Dark Iron: A New Era in Turntable Excellence

After a six-year hiatus, AVID has unveiled its latest masterpiece—the Acutus Dark Iron. This groundbreaking turntable marks the company’s first new release in over half a decade and promises to set new standards in both performance and aesthetics.


A Fresh Look and Innovative Design

The Acutus Dark Iron isn't just a new model; it’s a bold leap forward. Replacing the Acutus Dark Limited Edition, this turntable is the first to feature AVID’s revolutionary integrated motor design. By coupling the motor directly to the main chassis, AVID has achieved unprecedented levels of stability and control.

The turntable also debuts a stunning new finish. The darker 'sparkling iron' color not only enhances its visual appeal but also reduces costs compared to the more labor-intensive chrome finishes of previous models. This makes the Dark Iron a more accessible option for audiophiles without compromising on quality.


Unmatched Performance

At the heart of the Acutus Dark Iron is a high-torque AC synchronous motor, delivering ten times more power than its competitors. This power boost ensures exceptional control and stability, maintaining precise drive-belt alignment and eliminating speed-related issues. The twin round-section drive belts allow for free suspension movement without speed fluctuations, ensuring a smooth and consistent listening experience.

The power supply utilizes DSP technology to independently generate frequency, providing precise speed adjustment. An 80 VA mains transformer works as an integrated amplifier, perfectly matched to the deck’s high-torque motor.


Precision Engineering

The turntable features a 10kg aluminum platter, topped with a 10mm damping disc and a felt-composite mat. For those seeking even higher performance, a resin mat upgrade is available. The platter rests on an inverted bearing design, which lowers the center of gravity and eliminates lateral movement and rumble noise. A self-lubricating sleeve ensures silent, maintenance-free operation.

The Acutus Dark Iron also includes a precision-machined single-action clamp made from solid aluminum. This clamp channels vibrations to the sub-chassis, reducing noise. For ultimate performance, AVID offers a dual-operation upgrade. This upgrade provides greater control over record thickness, eliminating warps and air pockets for a seamless record-platter connection.


Superior Build Quality

The one-piece multi-fold aluminum casting of the Acutus Dark Iron combines strength with controlled movement. Coated with damping media, it neutralizes vibrations, ensuring a linear and time-sensitive sound response. This meticulous attention to detail exemplifies AVID’s commitment to precision engineering and superior sound quality.


Pricing and Availability

The AVID Acutus Dark Iron is available now for £10,000. For those who demand the absolute best, the mat and clamp upgrade raises the price to £12,950. This investment in audio excellence guarantees an unparalleled listening experience, making the Acutus Dark Iron a must-have for discerning audiophiles.

Experience the future of turntable technology with the AVID Acutus Dark Iron—where innovation meets sophistication, and every note is a testament to the art of sound.

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