Musical Fidelity Announce New M8xi Amplifier

Musical Fidelity Announce New M8xi Amplifier

Musical Fidelity have announced a new integrated amplifier, the M8xi. Priced at £5249, the Musical Fidelity M8xi is set to be available December 2019/January 2020.


New Circuitry

Over the last 5 years Musical Fidelity power amp circuitry has reached a high state of development. In their never ending quest for improving performance and customer value we have been looking for ways to improve our designs. One of the prime directives was to keep the low feedback configuration unchanged .. continue with low feedback! The problern was how to improve efficiency and performance without affecting the sound quality.

The new M8xi power amp design gives higher power, lower distortion and better sound quality. Incredible but true. The output stage efficiency has been increased thus yielding about 10% more power for similar power supply voltage. More importantly the whole driver stage is pure Class A. Musical Fidelity believe that this innovative approach has a substantial effect on the sound quality.

The sound stage appears wider whilst the micro and macro dynamics have more impact.

Vocals have more subtly, detail and presence. Large scale music has a depth, width and incredibly dynamic presentation.

All in all the M8xi is a consummate all-rounder. Mostly it sounds like a small Class A amplifier with huge power.


Technical Performance

The M8xi delivers 550 + 550wpc into 8 ohms. It is extremely stable and very linear. The distortion is low too; lower than 0.005% in the audible frequency range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz. The M8xi has remarkable linearity and consistency. lt is unconditionally stable and will drive any loudspeaker in existence easily with ample power reserve.


Our Approach to Technical Measurements

Musical Fidelity believe an amplifier should be completely neutral. lt is ‚a straight wire with gain‘. Easy to say but hard and complex to do. Musical Fidelity want to stress that they do not believe that the technical performance is an end in itself. lt is a method of validating the total amplifier system concept. The aim of their circuit/PCB designs is to have low feedback and achieve complete neutrality, transparency and great technical performance. The proof that thry are on the right track is the technical performance. Musical Fidelity think that technical performance cannot be summed up by the distortion at 1 kHz. their view is that an amplifier has to be able to satisfy a wide range of technical requirements before it can be neutral.



Almost all loudspeakers have complex impedance and Ioading curves. An amplifier must be able to maintain its voltage virtually, regardless of loading. If an amplifier cannot maintain its voltage across the spectrum, then the ultimate frequency response and distortion will be non linear. This is not neutrality.



The overwhelming majority of amplifier manufacturers only talk about distortion at 1 kHz. Musical Fidelity believe that this is only a fraction of the story. From their perspective, an amplifier must have very low distortion from 20 Hz- 20 kHz and beyond. They believe that an amplifier‘s high frequency performance proves the total performance of the circuit and PCB layout. The M8xi distortion hardly changes from 10 kHz to 50 kHz. An outstanding achievement and validation of the circuit design and PCB layout.


Noise Ratio

Amplifiers should be quiet. lf they are not, low level detail is irretrievably lost. Also, the dynamic range is seriously compromised. Dynamic range is not just how much power an amplifier will produce, it is also how quiet it can be. Dynamic range is the total from the quietest to the loudest. The M8xi excels in this respect.


Precision Volume Control

The M8xi has a precision volume control. This ensures perfect tracking right down to very low level. This ensures perfect tracking right down to very low levels which is unattainable with standard potentiometers. This outstanding precision is achieved by laser trimmed substrate resistors.


Sound Quality

The M8xi is effortless, fluid and dynamic. lt doesn‘t sound ‚loud‘. lt just sounds right. The dynamics are handled with no drama or fuss. They come and they go. There is no distortion; just pure undiluted music. lt sounds like a superb small Class A amplifier but with limitless headroom. Perfection!


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