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Luxman amplifier standards are seemingly unchanged over the decades. If you appreciate a level of precision and luxury in your HiFi amplification, then I would like to draw your attention to the finer qualities of Luxman amplifiers. Luxman amps showcase possibly the best build quality and design of all the products we stock at Fanthorpes HiFi. This is a bold claim, but the fit and finish on the products is superb, and even if what they do sonically is not for you, it is impossible not to admire their aesthetics. The design harks back to the golden age of HiFi, the late seventies and early eighties. As I write this article they are currently warming up our demo room alongside our Martin Logan Speakers.

Design Features Of The Luxman Integrated Amplifier

Looking at a Luxman integrated amplifier, the most striking feature is the presence of the distinctive VU Meters. They are a visually hypnotic feature, seeming to keep time with the music in the manner of a metronome. The VU Meters are not the only tip of the hat to classic HiFi. The amplifiers have tone controls. That’s right, tone controls. In the hunt for the shortest possible and cleanest signal path, tone controls seem to have fallen out of favour. However, as a retailer, we get regular requests from customers who for example find the treble a little harsh on certain recordings, and wish to temporarily roll it off. Clever engineering by Luxman enables you to do this, with minimal sonic cost. The next classic design feature is possibly my favourite. It’s chunky. Big volume controls, big input selectors, big tone controls. Everything on the front panel is solid and built with a weight and precision that screams out high end HiFi. The travel on the volume control is seamless. The precise clunk when you select an input lets you know that your selection is well and truly made.

On the rear of a Luxman integrated amplifier, the high standard of build continues. The speaker terminals for speaker A and Speakers B are robust. The turntable earthing point is solid. The balanced and unbalanced inputs are tight and precise.

Luxman only build analogue amplifiers. You won’t find an integrated DAC or any digital circuitry in a Luxman amplifier. They do of course build high quality stand-alone DACS and their SACD players have digital inputs to allow you to add an Innuos streamer for example.

Understanding The Luxman Amp Range

There are two distinct categories of solid state, Luxman amplifier. As of January 2018 they have three Class ‘AB‘ amplifiers, the L-505UX-MK2, the L-507UX-MK2 and the brand new flagship integrated, the L-509X. They also produce two Class ‘A’ amplifiers, the L-505AX-MK2 and the Luxman L590AX-MK2.
Both the ‘A’ and the ‘AB’ class of amplifiers share many design similarities. They are all based around the proprietary ODNF Circuit, and they all have variations of the excellent LECUA volume control.

  • ODNF Circuit – Only Distortion Negative Feedback

This is a high bandwidth, low distortion circuit that feeds back only the distorted part of the audio circuit from the output stage. This results in highly accurate detection of distortion and therefore promotes highly accurate reproduction of the original music signal.

  • LECUA Attenuator – Luxman Electronically Controlled Ultimate Attenuator

A core feature of any Luxman preamplification circuit is the computerised LEUCA attenuator. This allows incredibly smooth and incremental control over the volume level, up to a whopping 88 separate increments. The accuracy of this system minimizes deterioration of the audio signal.
Engineering fans please note – the fit and feel of the volume control on a Luxman amp is a complete joy.

  • Discrete Buffer Circuits

Luxman use a discrete buffer circuit in the output stage of their preamplification modules. This is trickle down technology from their flagship preamplifier the C-900u. This circuit allows the audio signal to be delivered with an increased level of current drive, while maintaining its integrity to the power amplifier.

  • Highly Stable Power Transformers

Luxman use EL core power transformers, a variant of a frame transformer. It uses 4 high capacity blocking capacitors. The result is a stable, continuous Luxman supply of power with an instantaneous start up.

Proprietary Components And Technologies Behind Luxman

Luxman use many bespoke in house engineered components in the construction of their amplifiers. For instance, they produce their own oxygen free cable for use internally within the amplification. The circuit boards are designed using their own Beeline construction techniques to remove and angles from the wiring pattern, allowing the signal path to take the shortest possible route with a smooth signal transmission. All constant goal is to prioritise sound quality.

Luxman amplifiers despite their different classifications share a lot of common technology as we have discovered. The amplifiers do differ however in the character of their sound and the power output they can deliver to a speaker. The Class ‘A’ designs offer a smoother more, romantic presentation while maintaining a fine level of detail. The Class ‘AB’ designs deliver a more dynamic, attacking delivery, they are robust and punchy. What is the best way to decide which of the Luxman amplifier designs is for you? Audition, Audition, Audition. Did I mention they best way to come to a decision is to audition the amplifier? You can do just that in our showroom in the Hull, East Yorkshire. We carry a wide range of Luxman amps here, at present on demo we have the 505, the 590 and the 509 on permanent demonstration. And if you are a fan of a pre-power combo, then we have the c-700u and the m-700u here too. Add to this a DAC, a CD Player and a standalone phono stage.

Luxman Amplifier Home Demonstration With Fanthorpes HiFi

If you want to hear some Luxman, we may be one of the best venues in which to audition. On the other hand, your listening room may be the perfect place to listen. We can make that happen too. Just visit Fanthorpes HiFi, call on 01482 223096 or mail us and we can talk you through the range, and maybe bring out a couple of pieces for you to audition on your speaker in your own space. The Luxman amplifier is a thing of beauty both sonically and aesthetically, and definitely worth your attention.

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